30 June 2022, Thursday Ankara,Türkiye

Türkiye's Child Profile Forming

The activities of Türkiye Child Research, which is carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Family and Social Services and aims to determine the conditions of children aged 0-18 in many fields such as education, health, environment and culture, have started.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the activities of the Türkiye Child Research have been initiated to reveal the profile of children.

"Türkiye Child Research", conducted in cooperation with the Presidency of Strategy and Budget and the Turkish Statistical Institute, is carried out in Istanbul and Şanlıurfa. The research period in the selected provinces has been determined as 30 June-7 July 2022.

Surveyors trained by Marmara University will visit the households determined within the scope of the research and ask the prepared questions.

Within the scope of the research, it is aimed to reveal the child profile of Türkiye with questions to determine the conditions of 0-18 age group children in education, health, housing, environment, culture and many similar fields. It is aimed to use the data obtained from the research in policies and services to be developed for children.

After the research, field studies will be started in all provinces. Türkiye Child Research is planned to be completed this year.