10 May 2022, Tuesday Ankara,Türkiye

Türkiye becomes a home for war-torn Ukrainian children

A total of 1.380 Ukrainian orphans/unaccompanied children, who had to take shelter in Türkiye due to the war in their country, and the adults with them, are trying to get rid of the destruction of the war with the opportunities and psychosocial support provided by the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

With the support provided by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, Türkiye hosts a total of 1.380 Ukrainian war victims, mainly children in orphanages and their caregivers, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, 988 children who have been living in orphanages in Ukraine and have been victimized by the war and their 392 caregivers/companions have been brought to Türkiye.

After the Ukrainian group, which was brought to Türkiye for the first time on 25 March, 8 more groups consisting of children and their caregivers and companions arrived on different dates.

Ukrainian war victims are hosted in the hotels allocated to them in Antalya, Muğla and Sakarya.

Accommodation and access to social services of war-torn Ukrainians in Türkiye is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

From the moment Ukrainians arrive in Türkiye, individual meetings are held in order to make effective planning according to their needs, and support is provided by the Ministry of Family and Social Services personnel, including those who can speak the language.

The services in the hotels where Ukrainians stay are monitored and controlled by the professional staff of the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services.

The basic needs of Ukrainians are met through social assistance and solidarity foundations in the provinces where they are settled. Children are medically screened and referred to hospitals when necessary.

Ukrainian children are provided with stationery as well as educational support.

Providing psychosocial support

Family Social Support Program (ASDEP) staff provides psychosocial support so that Ukrainian children are least affected by the war.

In this context, in the program in Adana, in which Derya Yanık, the Minister of Family and Social Services also participated, Ukrainian children celebrated April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day with their Turkish peers.

In addition, social, cultural, sportive and educational activities are organized for Ukrainian children in cooperation between the Ministry of Family and Social Services and the Turkish Red Crescent, UNICEF and some non-governmental organizations.

Turkish education courses for Ukrainian children are planned in order them to adapt.