19 April 2022, Tuesday Ankara,Turkey

Children under State Protection Meet with Role Models

Within the scope of the "Role Model Project for Children under State Protection" implemented by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, 58.761 children has come together with 3.540 people who could be role models for them.

The "Role Model Project for Children under State Protection" was initiated in 2020 by the Ministry, which has signed many projects to support the emotional and physical development of children under state protection.

With the project, it was aimed to raise the children in the institutions by revealing their unique aspects. In this context, children under state protection have been brought together with people who would inspire them with the project, and these people have shared their experiences, success stories and the roadmap to follow for their future plans.

As of March 2022, within the scope of the project, 58.761 children came together with role models to increase their interest in artistic, cultural and social activities and to contribute to their development of good behavior.

3.336 events are organized up till today

Within the scope of the project, 3.336 events have been organized so far. 3.540 people who are successful in health, education, sports, culture and art, business world, public institutions and banking, who can inspire children as role models, have attended the events.

Within the scope of the events, adults from various professions such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, academics, teachers, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, librarians, archaeologists, governors, district governors, journalists, writers, athletes, actors, hairdressers, carpenters, have met with children in the workshop, seminars and interviews. The project, which is a source of inspiration for children, will continue with events to be organized with career people who stand out in the society.