13 February 2022, Sunday Ankara,Turkey

Mobile Teams of Ministry of Family and Social Services are in the Field for Children

The Ministry of Family and Social Services, which develops social service models in order to protect children at risk and support their healthy development, conducts field surveys throughout the country. Currently, 19.120 children are actively followed by the mobile teams, which have reached a total of 158 thousand children and visited more than 40 thousand families.

The Ministry of Family and Social Services works with mobile teams for disadvantaged children. Specialized mobile teams work in the field across Turkey to identify and protect children at risk and to provide support to them and their families.

In addition to detection and intervention activities aimed at protecting children in different risk groups, mobile teams also follow up to ensure the effectiveness of the service. In addition to field surveys, vocational studies with children, household visits, guidance activities for families, visits to educational institutions are also carried out.

Mobile teams consist of at least two social workers. The mobile teams established for Children Evaluated to be at Risk on the Streets include personnel from the provincial police department and municipal police teams.

The mobile teams formed in the provincial directorates of the Ministry carry out activity in three areas: "children at risk on the street", "children considered to be at risk in schools" and "monitoring children at risk".

The mobile teams created for children at risk on the street are working to identify children who are working, begging and living on the street and to make them benefit from social services and assistance appropriate to their situation.

Mobile teams created for children who are considered to be at risk in schools also provide information and guidance activities to families in order to prevent forced marriages at an early age and to ensure that children continue to school.