29 January 2024, Monday Ankara, TÜRKİYE

Minister of Family and Social Services Göktaş Met with Persons with Disabilities

Minister of Family and Social Services, Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, worked on mosaics with trainees with disabilities at the center visited and she joined the songs performed.

Minister Göktaş visited the Etimesgut Municipality Barrier-Free Living Special Education and Rehabilitation Center. Minister Göktaş, who received information about the center from Mayor Enver Decrel, also met with persons with disabilities.

Göktaş, visiting the class firstly, chatted with Mr. Ecrin there and received information about the activities from the teacher of the class. Göktaş then visited the classroom for supplementary education and the gymnasium, and visited the trainees in the performing arts class.

Göktaş, receiving information about the activities carried out within the scope of attention rising education, examined the painting made by Tuluhan, an artist with disabilities, using the wood burning method. Göktaş, who also chatted with Tuluhan about his other works of art, then visited the music classroom. Minister Göktaş sang the folk song "Uzun ince bir yoldayım" with persons with disabilities receiving education.

Göktaş also visited the painting, candle and soap making classes as well as mosaic workshops and was presented with a t-shirt printed by a trainee by the name of Erhan on which Minister Göktaş's name was printed.

12-fold increase in the number of public personnel with disabilities

Minister Göktaş expressed her pleasure with the activities carried out at the center towards the end of her visit and emphasized the importance of ensuring the adaptation of the citizens with disabilities to social life and further improving their quality of living.

Stating that the Ministry worked intensively to remove barriers, ensure the active participation of persons with disabilities in life and ease their journey, Göktaş emphasized that throughout the last 21 years, the number of public personnel with disabilities in the public sector increased 12-fold.

In addition, Göktaş stated that the Ministry allocated resources to sheltered workplaces organizing working environments according to the needs of persons with disabilities, and providing respite care services to alleviate the burden of families of persons with disabilities.